Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Prof Godwin Onu supervises the workability of the upgraded ALL-IN-ONE Exam Software

The countenances of the Students of Federal Polytechnic Oko who started their Second semester examination this morning were seen in ecstatic euphoria as the Lion himself, the Rector of the Moment, coordinated students towards the perfect usability of the most advanced level examination software. That feeling of excitement that is initialized when your father sits around while you unveil your expertise was indeed noticed on the composure of the wonderful Students of Federal Polytechnic Oko as the superlative, highly distinguished cum digital Rector piloted the student’s concentration using the states of the arts software he recently embedded into the school examination system to increase perfection.
Federal Polytechnic Oko was one of the first Tertiary Institutions, if not the first in Nigeria that started writing their semester Examinations with the architectures of Educational Technology. This went a long way to curb sexual harassment and intimidation on the dear and lovely students of the Polytechnic as Lecturers can only assess the students of 30% while the computer does its job of 70% in examination. However, this did not augur well with do-wrongs and bad-influence lecturers who started faulting the management for implementing such wonderful computerized system. But the Rector, who is known for his yonder-time relentlessness in pursuing goals of acclivity and positivism, stood his ground to move the Institution not only to a high height but to its peak echelon of development.
In System Analysis, it is said that there is no perfect system because when an expert comes around, he must evoke the principle of fault finding and problem creation as to give an advice for an upgraded solution. This informed the Rector’s decision to ergonomically upgrade the examination software to a no-fault extent as to influence the usability, safety, comfort and efficiency of the semester examinations.
We therefore wish all our Students Impressive Achievement and Success in their Examinations as they enjoy the ambience of our upgraded software!!!


The Rector of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Prof.Godwin Onu has approved the installation of Rapid Response Squad in the school to add to his numerous security architectures. The students supported safety program instituted to provide a safer way for students to move around the campus was orchestrated by the Head of Anti-Cult unit, Mr.Abdulahi Khaki whose landslide in the war against cultism has gone abysmal. It is a maxim, therefore cant be overemphasized to say that Federal Polytechnic Oko has enjoyed a grave-yard quietness of cult activities since Prof Godwin Onu became the Rector of the Institution. According to Mr.Khaki who begged the Rector to officially approve the Uniform and Kits of the RRS, the squad was setup to respond speedily to emergencies within the School environment at all times. The Rector breathe into the Squad and charged them with the onerous task of protecting the students’ lives and properties by flushing out all anomalies seen or envisaged around and within the nooks and corners of the Polytechnic without minding whose ox is gored.
His words “Let me start with the word “APPROVED”. What you have showcased here is in line with the security project of the Management and I applaud you (Anticult Director) for making it look this wonderful. The ulterior motive of this formation is on the security of my wonderful students and their properties. I remain resolute to my promise when I assumed office as the Rector that no student would be returned dead to the parents. Keep vigil 24 hours and don’t relent. Management will continue to encourage you to work harder until we get to our destination.”
The dreaded and fierce looking Rapid Response Squad members who organized a parade typical of that of soldiers were kitted in gallantry and combat-ready apparels with devices in the likes of Telescopes which show images from a far distance, Highly configured Security Cameras, Camel bags for water sustenance in the desert, Safety vests, Kneel and elbow guards to prevent joint cracks, ultramodern ear piece connected with Walkie-Talkie for easy communication, Shocker which is used to numb a suspect for few minutes, Tear gas and wrist anchor for arrest of culprits. The Rector supervised the men on guard of the Rapid Response Squad during the parade which was organized in a Military ambience. Long Live Federal Polytechnic Oko!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Industrialization: Federal Polytechnic Oko launches Entrepreneurship club to tackle unemployment

Thursday, the 22nd day of September was one of the days to reckon with in the distinctive period of existence of Prof.Godwin Onu as a Rector of Federal Polytechnic Oko as the streets on campus were flooded with the display of affordable entrepreneurship articles produced by the entrepreneurship club of the Polytechnic.
Initially I was perplexed at the rush of Students towards the magnificent and gigantic entrepreneurship Complex built by the digital Rector. When I got closer I became more astonished at the entrepreneurship gallery for not just the jubilant students who were seen purchasing items of different magnitude but also for the qualitative products on display which was regulated under an organized Shoprite-like security architecture.
Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN) had last year in conjunction with the National Universities Commission (NUC) launched the Universities Entrepreneurship Development Programme (UNEDEP) so as to encourage Nigerian students to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship, saying that all Nigerian universities are expected to key into the programme. The Director General, Alhaji Bature Umar Masari, had urged students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions to endeavor to set up entrepreneurship clubs in their respective universities and polytechnics so as to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship while they are still in the school environment.
Moving ahead of some Tertiary institutions, Federal Polytechnic Oko has installed and launched the Entrepreneurship club under the directorship of Mr. B.C Ajakimo, a veteran in entrepreneurial skills and developments.
The occasion was colorful as so many students and staff went back home wearing joyous countenances with commodities already produced by the members of the club.
After the launching, the club displayed their products for promotion. In fact, paints, shoes, bags, clothes, belts were sold for as cheap as N500 each while detergents, perfumes, relaxers, body lotions, custards and lots more were sold between N50 to N100. No wonder the students and few informed staff rushed these items.
While interacting with the Pioneer President of the club, Charles David Olisaemeka, it was gathered that the club was launched for both the Staff and Students of the Polytechnic who would want to learn any entrepreneurship skill.   The President also bragged that it will take him less than 2 months to make me a wine, detergent, perfume, relaxer and cream producing guru. That alone stirred up my interest because from Childhood I have a thick flare for provision stores.
The Rector who was represented by the Deputy Rector Admin, Mr Ejike Nwabuona charged the students of Federal Polytechnic Oko and other tertiary institutions to join the club and begin to redirect themselves on how to better their lives by embracing entrepreneurship and job creation strategies; because the problem of unemployment being faced in the country now was caused by the age long neglect of enterprise development and creation of jobs for the Nigerian Youths and this has increased the rate of social vice such as, kidnapping, insurgency, and prostitution. Admonishing the students to emulate the footsteps of big entrepreneurs like Dangote, Tony Elumelu and others who started small and improved their business to transnational status, the Rector charged all to toe the path of entrepreneurship development from school as to be self- employed after school.
Prof. Godwin Onu noted that government cannot create all the jobs needed to employ everyone, saying it is only the private sector that has the capacity. In his words, “Look at the developed countries like China, Japan, and USA; it is their private sector through the encouragement of MSME, which created major jobs that employed a larger percentage of the people. We have the plans to fashion out good packaging strategies for these wonderful products as to reach the market. We shall collaborate with big companies to industrialize these developments and in doing that, sky will be our stepping stone.”
I got back home with a N500 Shoe that I would have bought for N5000 in Onitsha main market. When I got home, I told my neighbors the good news. All and sundry in the yard (mostly staff) sped off to school to pick theirs.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Success comes easy to those who take pride and derive joy from putting in their best through hard work and dedication in their various endeavors and callings; this has been testimony of the profile of delectable pacesetter, Mrs Njaka Stella, Registrar of Federal Polytechnic Oko, the newest FELLOW of the Institute of Corporate Administration.
Mrs Njaka Stella added another feather to her cap as she was recently acknowledged and honored by the Institute of Corporate Administration in appreciation of her distinguished Professional Contributions to Public Service.
The FELLOW which was conferred on her on Friday 16th September, 2016 no doubt, will further boost her intimidating resume as she now adds FCIA to her lists of awards.
One thing that goes well for Mrs Njaka is her maintenance of flexibility and her sense of humor. Things constantly change in the workplace, and the goals of upper management change often, as well. Mrs Njaka knows how to roll with the punches and prioritizes issues that need to be addressed while remaining objective. She maintains a sense of humor which is integral to remaining flexible in the workplace, and she sets a good example to others by always taking a positive lead. When unforeseen circumstances occur, Mrs Njaka keeps a sense of humor and helps everyone from employees to upper management in tackling the issues in a productive manner.
The resourceful woman of essence has been in the news recently for her supportive role to the supersonic cum digital Rector Of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Professor Godwin Onu which explains a more useful approach applied by the digital Rector in the selection and development of administrators. This approach is based not on what good executives are (their innate traits and characteristics), but rather on what they do (the kinds of skills which they exhibit in carrying out their jobs effectively).
The Institute of Corporate Administration is a human capital development organization dedicated to providing practical solutions to complex business needs by involving high caliber professionals from all sectors, who are continually committed to the search for improvement strategies and implementation of global best practices.
The Governing Council of Institute of Administration of Nigeria normally takes pride in certifying people like Mrs Njaka Stella, who has performed exceptionally “guruos” in their chosen profession, after undergoing rigorous requirements as stipulated and endorsed by the institutes governing board.
You surely merited this Madam!
Congratulations to you.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

NLC seeks committee on new minimum wage:

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called on the Federal Government to reconstitute a tripartite committee to negotiate a new minimum wage for workers. NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, told The Nation that the developments in the economy, which have made nonsense of the purchasing power of the workers, had made a new minimum wage inevitable.
“When the 2011 National Minimum Wage Act was being signed, all the tripartite partners were in agreement that this would be negotiated after every five years. So, the five-year time-frame is here.
“We hope that we will not be pushed into taking action that would be costly for the economy, which is already in deeply troubled as it were. Our standpoint is that any of the parties to the negotiation who may have reasons why we shouldn’t have a new minimum wage should bring those arguments to the negotiation table,” he said.
Wabba said the major cause of the economic crisis was the irresponsible mismanagement of the economy over the years by political leaders.
“The way corruption was allowed to eat into virtually every fibre of our national life by the governing class across the political spectrum meant that in due time, we would find ourselves in the mess we are currently today,” Wabba said.
Wabba said manufacturers had stories of woe to tell about the fall in capacity utilisation caused by the difficulties in obtaining foreign exchange to import vital raw materials.
He said a larger portion of the forex demand was for the importation of refined products.
“We know because the leadership of the unions in the manufacturing sector has approached us several times to engage powers that be at the federal level on the consequences of government policies that had increased the problem of scarcity of forex for manufacturing purposes,” Wabba added.

OAU matriculates 7500 students:

The Obafemi Awolowo University conducted their matriculation ceremony today, matriculating 7500 students at the Institution’s renowned Oduduwa African Amphitheatre.
Despite the rumoured scientific discovery pertaining to the lunar eclipse; the ceremony was a colourful one as it was graced by several parents and wellwishers filled with great expectations for a newer life for the freshmen.
The matriculation which was conducted in batches saw a mass total of 7500 students matriculate out of the 19147 students that attempted the post Utme of the prestigious university.
Speaking at the event, the Chairman committee of Deans, Professor Adeagbo Amusan urged the students to conform to all school rules and conducts as their allegiance to the school’s authority.
The address which was given on behalf of the institution’s acting VC, Anthony Elujoba was directed at exhorting students to ascribe to the right values as legitimate Great Ife Students.
Speaking further at the event, Amusan made the fresh students understand that the matriculation has made an indelible mark in their life cycle. He encouraged the students to shun secret cult groups and wrong associates and start defining a future for themseles.
” This matriculation determines how your sojourn in the university is determined. Note that the major aim of coming to the university is starting a future for yourself and family. Let every minute of your time be wisely allocated and spent.”